Titanium Anodizing Rings

Titanium Anodized Rings

We are now offering the anodizing service for all titanium band rings!

What is titanium anodizing?

Titanium anodizing is a finishing process where an oxide layer is created on the titanium band through electrolysis. This created a cool color effect throughout the titanium.

Is the anodizing permanent?

The anodized titanium is similar to plating on gold/silver/etc. It is durable to the elements but is weaker to scratching and friction. It will wear off over time with enough fiction. The good news is it can be brought back by anodizing the titanium ring again!

How much does this process cost?

We charge an extra $20 to anodize the titanium rings unless otherwise noted in the listings.

How do I add this to my titanium ring order?

Simply click the "Yes" checkbox under the titanium ring product listing and choose your color.