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What Is Pallasite Meteorite?

Admire Pallasite Meteorite Ring - Copperbeard Jewelry

What is Pallasite!?

You might have noticed a ring we sell that has something called Pallasite in it. Not very many people have heard of this material, which is actually a rare form of meteorite. Only 61 Pallasite meteorites have ever been found! Luckily the supply is big enough that we can include it in our rings as it is a truly fascinating material.

Pallasite details and history

Most meteorites are either iron meteorites, which are almost completely made of metal, or stony meteorites, which have mostly silicate minerals. But Pallasite meteorites are a unique type that have nearly equal amounts of metal and silicate crystals. These are called stony-iron meteorites.

Pallasite was named after naturalist Peter Simon Pallas who studied the first known type of this meteorite in the late 1700’s. Most Pallasite is composed of a 50 percent nickel and iron alloy, but the other 50 percent is what makes it truly unique! Unlike other types of meteorite, Pallasite contains naturally occurring Olivine crystals. These crystals get the name Olivine from their yellow/green hue and very similar to the semi-precious stone Peridot. These crystals became imbedded in the metal of the meteorite as it formed.

Pallasite meteorite properties

Many people seek out meteorite jewelry as it is a way to access a world beyond our grasp. Meteorites are by their very definition “otherworldly.” Some feel that meteorites and materials sourced from meteorites harness the energy of other worlds and are used for balancing and aligning the energetic fields of the body as well as enhancing communication both practically and spiritually. Meteorite can help with realizing your true potential and self-actualization.  

Pallasite meteorite properties include enhancing luck, opportunity and prosperity to help you in your in your endeavors. It supports you in the areas necessary to achieve success, including the power to create space to foster new ways of thinking and new methods of action. It helps lessen anxiety and stress, allowing you to perform to your highest potential. It is also brimming with positive energy and will help fuel you with brightness and vitality. For anyone growing a business, starting school, trying to advance at work, striking out on their own, embarking on a new career or even just trying to stay afloat in this hectic life – a Pallasite ring is an excellent choice! Plus, with the quality and craftsmanship of a ring from Copperbeard Jewelry, you can be assured that your ring will stand the test of time. You’ll be able to reap it’s benefits for years to come!

Wrapping up

Pallasite rings have a fascinating backstory, it’s rarer than gold, it has some pretty cool properties and it’s literally out of this world. Our Pallasite rings come in several different styles including Pallasite tungsten rings, Pallasite black ceramic rings among others, and can even be made in gold and silver. It’s also offered in several different widths, so be sure to check out all the options and if you have any questions or are interested in a custom order, please get in touch!

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