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Which Ring Width Should I Choose?

Ring Width Comparison To US Quarters - Which Ring Width To Choose - Copperbeard Jewelry


It’s common knowledge that rings come in different sizes, but many people aren’t as aware that they can also come in different widths. The 3 most common ring widths are 4mm, 6mm and 8mm, and while it doesn’t seem like such a small amount would matter, when it comes to rings it can mean the difference between the perfect fit and a ring that feels just a little too big or too small.

Unlike the circumference sizes of rings, the nice thing about ring width is that there is no right or wrong width size – it all depends on your preference and what feels best to you. Some people with the smallest hands and fingers prefer the beefy 8mm, while some with bear claws are more partial to the elegant 4mm size.


4mm Ring Width

The 4mm size is best for people with smaller hands, people who are looking for more dainty rings, or those who prefer something lighter on their finger. Due to the size of these rings, it’s usually only possible to do a single channel style in this width.


6mm Ring Width

Moving up to the 6mm width gets you a little more room to work with. This size is ideal for someone who has smaller hands but wants a more substantial ring, as well as someone with larger hands who is looking for a ring that is somewhat understated. These rings can have one or two channels in them.  


8mm Ring Width

The 8mm is a ring that wants to be noticed! This size ring can accommodate up to three channels, but is just as impressive with a single channel. This size is the most versatile as it can accommodate the most materials, but it also takes up a lot of finger real estate and some people with smaller hands find it to be a little too cumbersome. On the other hand (lol, see what I did there?) others enjoy having a bigger, bolder ring that really makes a statement regardless of hand size.


These are the standard widths that our rings come in, but other sizes are possible depending on the ring and materials. If you are looking for something outside of these more traditional widths, get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate!

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