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Tungsten Rings: Frequently Asked Questions

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Admit it – you’ve ‘heard’ of tungsten before, but you don’t really know what it is, right? Join the club! Sure, we all know it’s a metal, but what are its properties and most importantly is it a good choice for your ring? Here are some common questions and answers about tungsten so you can better understand the benefits of a tungsten ring and decide if this affordable and versatile material is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.


Are tungsten rings durable?

Being the hardest metal on Earth, tungsten rings are incredibly durable and scratch-resistant. Only something that has the hardness of a diamond would be able to scratch a tungsten ring. A plated tungsten ring can be scratched a little more easily but still has a high scratch-resistant rating. Since tungsten is such a very hard material, it won’t bend out of shape like a soft metal such as gold or silver would.   


Can tungsten rings be resized?

Rings are generally resized using a ring stretcher or removing/adding part of the metal of the ring. With Tungsten, the metal is so hard it cannot being stretched or bent, meaning there is no way we can resize this material.


Can you engrave tungsten rings?

Yes we can! Despite the hardness of tungsten, it can be engraved with our diamond tipped tools on the engraving machine.


Will tungsten rings break?

Tungsten rings are extremely durable, but the hardness of the material also makes it brittle and susceptible to breakage in certain situations. It's uncommon but dropping the ring on another hard surface could cause the ring to shatter or chip.


Do tungsten rings scratch?

Tungsten is the hardest metal on Earth, and extremely scratch-resistant. It is possible to scratch tungsten, but unlikely. Only something with the hardness of a diamond would be able to scratch tungsten.


Will tungsten rings shatter?

Given the right circumstances a tungsten ring can shatter. It is a very hard metal, but that strength also makes it brittle and if it comes into contact with another hard material with enough force it can shatter. Usually this happens when the ring is dropped onto a hard surface, but even when dropped the rings are not often damaged.


Will tungsten rings turn your finger green?

Tungsten requires an alloy metal to bind, usually either nickel or cobalt. When combined with tungsten, the nickel binds so well that even those who are sensitive to nickel can usually comfortably wear a ring without having a reaction. Cobalt, on the other hand, may react with skin and result in a green residue on your finger.


Can you cut tungsten rings off?

A tungsten ring can not be cut from a finger in the traditional fashion, but can be removed in an emergency situation by using vice grips or locking pliers. This method will fracture the ring, safely removing it from your finger. 


How to clean tungsten rings?

Tungsten does not require any extra maintenance other than an occasional cleaning with a brush/cloth and a mild soup. Tungsten doesn’t tarnish or rust, however depending on the other materials in the ring you should avoid it coming into contact with harsh chemicals, so make sure to remove it before hopping into a pool!


Can tungsten rings be repaired?

Due to the natural brittleness of tungsten, it can’t be repaired if it gets cracked or chipped. The likelihood of your tungsten rings getting damaged is small, but the possibility still exists. If it comes into contact with another hard surface with enough momentum, such as it being dropped onto a tile floor, there is a possibility it could break.


Check out or current selection of tungsten rings or reach out to us to customize your own!

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