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A Quick Guide To Ring Metals

Titanium White Opal Ring


Copperbeard Jewelry offers options of rings in different materials. But what are the differences between tungsten versus titanium versus stainless steel versus the other materials? It can get pretty confusing so here’s a quick guide describing the ring bases we offer.



Tungsten rings are incredibly durable and strong metal. It is scratch-resistant and won’t bend out of shape, nor will it’s high-definition shine fade. At a fraction of the cost of gold and platinum, it is quickly becoming a sought-after metal for rings. However, while tungsten may be a very strong metal, it is also very brittle and can break or shatter if dropped on a hard surface such as a tile floor, or struck with a hard enough blow. If you work with your hands or use heavy machinery, tungsten may not be the best option. Tungsten is a fairly heavy metal and while some prefer the solid and substantial feel on their finger, others choose to go with a lighter material.   



Titanium will withstand very high levels of stress and can last a lifetime. This metal is very strong and rings made from it won’t get bent or squeezed out of shape but despite its strength, it is lighter in weight than gold or silver – and also costs a lot less! While not completely scratch-resistant, it stands up very well to every day use, even if you work a lot with your hands. No maintenance is required for Titanium rings, apart from a quick cleaning with dish soap and water every now and again, and it won’t rust or corrode. Titanium rings are hypoallergenic and is an excellent choice for those whose skin reacts with other metals, and for those who want to stand out from the crowd – titanium can be anodized into an array of different metallic colors such as blue, yellow and purple. However, due to titanium’s composition it will always have a matte finish and won’t shine quite like gold, platinum or tungsten, but it can be given a soft, satin look.


Black Ceramic

Jewelry grade black ceramic is a hard, non-metallic material that is lightweight and durable. Unlike a lot of metallic black rings, black ceramic rings do not have a coating or plating and will retain its black color throughout its lifetime. It is scratch resistant and won’t corrode in salt water or acid. While it is a fairly hardy material, it is not completely shatter-proof. Black ceramic is non-conductive, which makes it a great choice if you work with electricity.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber rings are extremely lightweight. They are 12 times lighter than gold, making them an ideal ring if the heaviness of a tungsten ring bothers you. Rings made from this material are extremely strong and durable and won’t shatter when dropped on a hard surface. They are completely hypoallergenic so if you have allergies to metal alloys like nickel or cobalt you won’t have a problem with carbon fiber. If the ring ever gets scratched or scuffed it’s easy to buff out with a piece of fine sandpaper.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a compound metal of carbon, iron and chromium. It is corrosion free, tarnish free and scratch resistant, and also incredibly durable. It has a very similar appearance to platinum, but at a fraction of the cost, and will maintain its luster and shine throughout the years. Unlike gold and silver which require polishing often, stainless steel only needs to be polished every 6 years or so. For those who are environmentally conscious, stainless steel is the ideal material because the amount of energy used in the production process is much less then in other metals, and stainless steel is completely recyclable. Stainless steel is very sensitive to chlorine though so make sure you remove your ring before entering any pools.



Silver is a classic ring material that has been used for centuries. It is durable and stylish and has a timeless quality that has made it a top choice in rings that continues to this day. Silver is a very versatile metal and can be crafted into intricate shapes that aren’t available in many of the other alternative ring materials. Silver is malleable which means it can get bent out of shape if enough force is applied, but that also means it can be resized if the situation arises.



Gold is one of the most expensive materials used in rings, but that’s because gold lives up to its reputation as a stunning metal that stands out from the crowd. Gold has been the standard for rings since rings themselves were invented. It is a softer metal and can bend and warp under too much pressure, but that softness also allows them to be resized easily if need be. Gold doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode and it won’t lose its color over time. Some cleaning and polishing may be necessary depending on how active you are, but overall gold is easy to maintain and is highly regarded when it comes to quality jewelry. 

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