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Ceramic Rings: Frequently Asked Questions

Black Ceramic Ring - Galaxy Opal - Copperbeard Jewelry


These days there are a lot of different options for rings. Recently ceramic has been stealing the spotlight and more people are choosing this material for both everyday rings and wedding rings. Ceramic rings are a fairly new category, so it’s understandable if you don’t know much about them. We’ve put together some information with frequently asked questions to help you understand more about these rings.


Are ceramic rings durable?

Many people hear about these rings and their first concern is about ceramic ring durability. Thoughts of broken pottery and smashed coffee mugs leap to mind and would have you think the ring would break easily. The ceramic used in rings is created using a process which makes it incredibly strong and durable, yet lightweight. 


Will ceramic rings keep their color?

Unlike rings that have been plated, a ceramic ring’s color is uniform throughout the entire ring and will not fade or rub off over time. Plating only colors the top layer of a ring, leaving it especially vulnerable to obvious scratches and signs of wear, whereas ceramic will retain its color and shine for years. Black ceramic rings have an especially beautiful and bold black color


Can ceramic rings be resized?

When a ring is resized, a jeweler usually melts down a part of the ring or stretches it to resize it. Ceramic rings are so hard that they cannot be bent and for that reason they are unable to be resized. Depending on where the ring is purchased, some retailers offer a lifetime protection plan offered that will allow you to have your ring replaced if your size changes. Check with the seller for details.


Can you engrave ceramic rings?

Yes! Ceramic rings can be engraved, and because these rings are so durable, the engraving should remain legible for a lifetime. Darker colors of ceramic rings such as black, are more difficult to see the engraving in.


Will ceramic rings break?

Ceramic rings are incredibly strong, but they are also considered a brittle material, meaning that they can break in certain scenarios. A ceramic ring dropped onto a hard surface such as tile or cement can break or chip depending on the circumstances, though the likelihood of that happening is small. We have made many black ceramic rings and this scenario is very uncommon. The general consensus to the question ‘are ceramic rings strong’ is a resounding yes, but they are not indestructible.


Can ceramic rings be cut off?

While a ceramic ring is strong, durable and tough, you don’t have to worry about it endangering your hand. In case of an emergency, a ceramic ring can be easily cracked off with locking pliers. See the video below:

Or hit with a hammer in a few places and it will crack and break off your finger. One must use caution in this scenario not to hit your finger and swing the hammer too hard, but if done correctly it is effective. 


Do ceramic rings scratch?

Scratching of ceramic rings is extremely rare, and usually only occurs when coming into contact with something extremely hard. However, if that happens, all ceramic rings are uniformly colored throughout the ring and not simply plated, so if your ring were to be scratched the same color would show through and be less noticeable than with other materials.   


Do ceramic rings turn your finger green?

When a ring turns your finger green, it’s actually a natural reaction to metals in the ring. Copper and nickel are inexpensive metals that are often used in cheap rings, though it is not unusual to even find them in more expensive ones. There is no copper or nickel in a ceramic ring and not only will they NOT turn your finger green, they are completely hypo-allergenic and people who have issues with those metals can wear a ceramic ring without having a reaction.  


How long do ceramic rings last?

Due to its toughness and durability, a ceramic ring can last a lifetime and beyond. Not only do ceramic rings stand the test of time, they also retain their brilliant luster without any special upkeep. It will shine just as brightly as the day it arrives! It is always recommended that you take precautions with your ring when working with harsh or corrosive chemicals as they can damage the luster, but if treated well the shine won’t dull over time.


Is it difficult to care for a ceramic ring?

Ceramic rings are some of the most low-maintenance rings you can find. They are scratch-resistant, don’t tarnish, and don’t require any special maintenance apart from a quick cleaning with a brush or cloth and mild soap from time to time. 


Check out our selection of black ceramic rings or reach out to us to create a custom style!

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